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In 1945, with a $20,000 loan from his Father –in-Law and $5,000 of his own savings, Sam Walton started a Ben Franklin store and used concepts that no one was employing at the time.  He kept the shelves stocked with low-priced goods, stayed open later hours and bought in large volumes so he could get discounts.    These revolutionary concepts would become the basis for future WalMart stores.   He wanted to help people by creating stores that served the lower-income population in small towns.  Read More

Welcome!   Charitable Catalyst has been started to incite activity in the charitable sector.  Let me introduce myself – my name is Bill Moritz and I am a practicing attorney and also do consulting work for several major charities.   My law practice has been primarily concentrated on Estate and Business Planning as well as tax-exempt organization law.

The techniques, templates and tools discussed on this website are designed to help people give more, live more and giveback for the blessings that they have received in life. 

The commentaries, articles, templates, and forms are designed to help you bring action to your passion and help you make a significant difference in your world through the investment of your time, treasure and talent.