The Plan & Prosper resource forms are a management tool that will help you better manage your personal, financial and estate affairs.  The forms provided on the Resource Disk CD are in electronic Word format and may be completed and saved on your personal computer. (Note: The sample files in the links below are in PDF format.)

You can use the forms and information presented to assemble a Document Portfolio to store all of your important financial and estate information along with learning about some creative charitable donation plans. The Wall Street Journal reports that four out of every five women will be widowed, so you might think of this as a “Widow’s Survival Kit” .  

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  1. PERSONAL Financial & Estate Inventory FormPERSONAL Financial & Estate Inventory Form - Financial and estate plans take a variety of forms – with additional planning options available each year. Having all the information regarding your estate compiled in one place can be beneficial as you make your plans today and as a record for future reference.
  2. Estate Planning InventoryEstate Planning Inventory - This is a form that you can use to assemble all the information your attorney will need to prepare your Will and other estate documents.




  1. Record Of LIFE INSURANCE FormRecord Of LIFE INSURANCE Form - Keeping track of your life insurance is very important. If your beneficiaries do not make a claim the company does not have to pay.
  2. PROFESSIONAL Advisors-Location Of Documents FormPROFESSIONAL Advisors-Location Of Documents Form - This form can be used to designate you professional advisors and the location of important documents.
  3. PROCEDURES When Someone DiesPROCEDURES When Someone Dies - These procedures tell a personal representative what to do when someone dies.
  4. Porfolio ChecklistPorfolio Checklist - A Document Portfolio can be a standard notebook that you put together to keep a copy of all of your important papers in one place. In the Document Portfolio you can not only include your estate documents but also the following forms included on this resource disk.
  5. PERSONAL Property Memorandum For Will FormPERSONAL Property Memorandum For Will Form - This document accompanies your will and allows you to designate items of personal property to beneficiaries.
  6. Instructions For SUCCESSOR TRUSTEESInstructions For SUCCESSOR TRUSTEES - These instructions outline the responsibilities for someone who will become the trustee of one of your trusts at either death or disability.
  7. Execution InstructionsExecution Instructions -

    Some forms require a notary others require witnesses and the will has a specific statutory procedure that must be followed.





  1. WILL CODICIL For Man FormWILL CODICIL For Man Form - A Codicil is an amendment form for a Will.
  2. Succession of Farm or Ranch Planning FormSuccession of Farm or Ranch Planning Form -




  1. RETIREMENT Planning & CharityRETIREMENT Planning & Charity - Retirement assets are the most heavily taxed assets when people die. Find out how money that would have gone for taxes can go to charity.




  1. WILL Power- The BenefitsWILL Power- The Benefits - Not all wills are created equal. This short article tells you what to include in your will.
  2. Including Charity In Your WILL Or TRUSTIncluding Charity In Your WILL Or TRUST - This document gives several ways to include charity(s) in a will or trust. There are also sample letters included to send to charities.
  3. ESTATE Planning Using The Revocable Living TrustESTATE Planning Using The Revocable Living Trust - Find out the what's, when's and whys of using a revocable living trust in your estate plan.
  4. ESTATE Planning Quiz FormESTATE Planning Quiz Form - Find out if you need a revocable living trust in your estate plan or only a will.